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Hi, I'm an AI Resident at Google Research, where I'm lucky to be advised by Yin Cui and Tsung-Yi Lin. Previously, I obtained my M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University, and my B.E. in Computer Science at Zhejiang University. I spent half a year (9/2018-3/2019) and summer 2016 working happily with Prof. Yong Jae Lee at UC Davis. In summer 2018, I interned at TuSimple and worked on 3D point cloud scene flow estimation with Dr. Panqu Wang and Yijie Wang. At Zhejiang University, I was advised by Prof. Deng Cai working on content based image retrieval and computer vision.

My primary research interest is Computer Vision.

xiuyegu at stanford dot edu


Xiuye Gu, Weixin Luo, Michael S. Ryoo, Yong Jae Lee. Password-conditioned Anonymization and Deanonymization with Face Identity Transformers. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2020.

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Xiuye Gu, Yijie Wang, Chongruo Wu, Panqu Wang, Yong Jae Lee. HPLFlowNet: Hierarchical Permutohedral Lattice FlowNet for Scene Flow Estimation on Large-scale Point Clouds. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019.

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Maheen Rashid, Xiuye Gu, Yong Jae Lee. Interspecies Knowledge Transfer for Facial Keypoint Detection. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.

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Deng Cai, Xiuye Gu, Chaoqi Wang. A Revisit on Deep Hashing for Large-scale Content Based Image Retrieval. Technical report, arXiv:1711.06016, 2017.



Explore Deep Graph Generation

Course project for CS224W: Machine Learning with Graphs.
Explore deep graph generation from two directions:
1) use CNN GANs to model the whole adjacency matrix directly after sorting the nodes;
2) build upon the very recent Graph Recurrent Attention Networks (GRANs), proposed a graph completeness judger network and improved its attention mechanism.

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Simulating and Rendering Explosion

Course project for CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques.
Extended PBRT to support emissive volumes and openVDB input format.
Self-studied and implemented blackbody radiation, closed-form and delta tracking.
Simulated explosion and flying rubbles using Blender.

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License Plate Detection and Character Segmentation

A robust iterative license plate character segmentation algorithm and a license detection system with robust skew and slant correction to improve character segmentation.

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Deep Stereo Matching

Course project for CS231A: Computer Vision, From 3D Reconstruction to Recognition.

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